Hacash Channel Payment Union

Hacash Channel Payment Union (HCPU) is all types of service providers (not ordinary payment users) in the Hacash channel chain payment settlement network system, including payment service provider nodes, arbitration watchtowers, channel bill backup, channel signature machine developers, and channel wallets and so on with non-profit organizations jointly established by service providers voluntarily.

The alliance has the following functions: 1. Design and determine the division of functional modules, interface definitions and communication protocols related to the payment network; 2. Abstract and develop open source code libraries such as core general functional modules and interface SDKs required by the payment network as a whole (such as sequence Sign communication machine, etc.); 3. Maintain and distribute the top-level node list and backbone routing table data of the payment network; 4. Arbitrate and collectively discuss other things between the cross-nodes of the channel chain payment network;

Hacash Channel Payment Union (HCPU) 全称为“Hacash通道支付联盟”,是Hacash通道链支付结算网络体系内所有服务商(非普通支付用户),包括支付服务商节点、仲裁瞭望塔、通道票据备份、通道签名机研发商、通道钱包等等服务提供方所自愿联合成立的非营利性组织。


联盟成员 / Members

HACorg. . .hacash.org
PayInst. . .payinst.com

联系方式或社交媒体 / Contact or social media

Discord: discord.gg/nj5RD6z6JN

Email: hcpu@hacash.org